• LEGION Alliance seeks advanced players

    Teaming up to win better rewards and greater entertainment for all

  • Who We Are

    We are LEGION, an alliance of six guilds that cooperates and advances together rapidly

    What are guilds?

    A key feature of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the ability for multiple players to work together and complete Raids, fight Territory Battles, and win Territory Wars. Only members of a guild—a collection of up to 50 players in the same registered group—can participate in Raids, Battles and Wars. Think of it as joining an organized strike team.

    Why this site?

    There are so many moving parts of SW:GOH. Add on top of that communicating and coordinating with three dozen other people, and you can see why we need a better means of doing that!

    Why join a guild?

    Win. There are many rewards in SW:GOH that can only be unlocked by a guild working together. As each member of a guild contributes to the Raid, Territory Battle, or Territory War, each member gains rewards from the effort.


    Advance. We frequently share lessons and trade new ideas for how to advance further in SW:GOH. Learn how to defeat the Empire (or crush the Rebel Alliance).


    Play. The game is a lot more fun when it's social! Our members frequently chat online, and we're a pretty hilarious group. ^_^

  • What We Do

    Daily Activities

    We complete these on a rotating basis to build up Raid tickets for the guild.

    • Dark Side Battles
    • Squad Arena (PvP)
    • Cantina
    • Light Side Battles
    • Spend Energy
    • Hard Battles
    • Daily Challenge


    As soon as we accrue enough Raid tickets, we launch a Raid.


    We hit Rancor, HAAT and Sith Raids multiple times each week.


    If you participate in a Raid, you can get tons of rewards! These include gear you've been searching for and rare shards for special characters.


    The more you contribute, the more rewards you can earn. But even those who only participate a little bit can still get a substantial piece of the pie.


    Participation is key. Even showing up for a single battle will get you into the reward rankings!

    Defeated Rancor

    Let's get started!


    Please join our prospective players Line chat (see info below). If things work out, you’ll soon be joining our Raids, discussions and Territory Wars soon after.


    We look forward to playing with you online!

  • Which Guild is Right For You?

    Our guilds are on three tracks—find the pace and style of play that fits you best

    We Are Legion

    149 million GP

    Our most advanced guild, hitting Heroic Sith Raid, HAAT and Heroic Rancor. Achieves over 40 stars for both light and dark Territory Battles. Currently recruiting 2.5 million+ GP players.


    Find out more: https://swgoh.gg/g/6666/wieaiaieliegi0e/

    R2 Legion

    131 million GP

    Rapidly gaining strength, our aggressive guild cooperates closely and levels quickly. Exceptional TW winning streak and hitting 37+ stars for light and dark TB. HAAT, Heroic Rancor, now leveling up for Sith Raid. Currently seeking 1.75 million+ GP players.


    Find out more: https://swgoh.gg/g/11563/r2-legion/

    Legion of Jedeyes

    70 million GP

    Our newest guild in the Alliance is a rapidly-growing developmental guild. Members communicate on Line, coordinate their Raid and TW activity, and share tips to accelerate each other in improving quickly. Please have 1 million+ GP to apply.


    FInd out more: https://swgoh.gg/g/25337/legion-of-jedeyes/

    Mercenaries of Legion

    85 million GP

    Mercenaries of Legion are a strong guild working toward the higher tiers of the Sith Road. We are the newest guild added to the LEGION ALLIANCE. We are looking for active players over 1 Million GP to help us along the way.


    We run Heroic Rancor and HAAT, alternating start times between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST. We currently win 28* in DSTB and 26* in LSTB. We strongly encourage people to get 600 tickets a day and to either have, or be prepared for, CLS.


    Find out more: https://swgoh.gg/g/3874/mercenaries-of-legion/

    Legion We Are

    56 million GP

    Spreading our wings and coordinating casual gamers. Aiming to dominate HAAT, also hitting HPIT and Sith Lvl 2. Welcoming 700,000+ GP players.


    Find out more: https://swgoh.gg/g/33510/liegi0ewieaiaie/

    Legion of Mercenaries

    28 million GP

    Requirements: participation! One of the Legion Alliance’s newest guilds. Great home for up-and-coming players who want to try out an alliance setting.



    Social Chat

    Open to all guild members

    LEGION is a global guild, with members across the United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, France, and other places! We engage in spirited banter and have a blast sharing Star Wars and pop culture trivia. We also collaborate to share tips and help each other improve in game. Join the conversation now!

  • Communicate

    Please download the Line app so you can coordinate with us!

    WeChat for Android

    1. Download Line & set up your account

    It's a free messaging app. Download it here.

    WeChat on Apple iOS

    2. Join the prospective chat room

    Join our guild's chat room! Two options to do this:


    Option 1: Click this link:



    Option 2: Open Line and then click "Add Friends". Select "QR Code" and scan the code on this webpage.

    3. Talk to the group!

    That's it! Once you've scanned and joined the group we can get to know you and understand your perspective on the game.

    4. Connect with specific guilds and officers

    If there's a particular Guild you're interested in, please contact officers via Line.

    We Are Legion





    R2 Legion




    Legion of Jedeyes



    Legion We Are




    Mercenaries of Legion





    Legion of Mercenaries



    General questions, check out the Prospective Players Chat



    If you use Discord, you can contact all of us using the following.


    firstmenace TB Officer#1521








    (NOTE: Line app is the LEGION Alliance's primary communication tool)

  • Custom Artwork

    Join the Legion Alliance and gain access to a team of great artists who design custom-made logos, profile photos and graphics for Alliance members!

    Azazel’s Custom Creations, is one of the Legion Alliance’s resident artists

    Line: azazel1987

  • Weekly Activities Checklist

    Follow along this schedule for the maximum payoff and to improve your contributions to the guild. (Compiled by Ivan Trumpet and Darren Wingmaker)



    Cantina Energy THEN Light-Side Missions

    • Before Payout (7:30 PM EST): Use all Cantina Energy
    • After Payout: Complete Lightside Missions


    Light-Side Missions THEN Spend Energy

    • Before Payout (7:30 PM EST): Complete Lightside Missions
    • After Payout: Spend energy in Light Side, Dark Side, Cantina and Fleet battles


    Spend Energy THEN Hard Mode Missions

    • Before Payout (7:30 PM EST): Spend energy in Light Side, Dark Side, Cantina and Fleet battles
    • After Payout: Use energy on Hard Mode Missions


    Hard Mode Missions THEN Daily Challenges

    • Before Payout (7:30 PM EST): Use all energy on Hard Mode Mission
    • After Payout: Complete Daily Challenges


    Daily Challenges THEN Dark-Side Missions

    • Before Payout (7:30 PM EST): Complete Daily Challenges and Ship Challenges
    • After Payout: Use all energy on Dark-side Missions


    Dark-Side Missions THEN Squad Arena

    • Before Payout (7:30 PM EST): Use all energy on DS Missions
    • After Payout: Fight Squad Arena matches


    Squad Arena THEN Cantina Energy

    • Before Payout (7:30 PM EST): Fight Squad Arena matches
    • After Payout: Use all Cantina Energy
  • Team Files

    We've got a top notch team!

    Welcome Guide

    For folks just arriving!

    Guild Calendar

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